Dark Room

The 7m2, UV dark room is 95% black out when the door is closed, creating an ideal private space for one-to-one or small group sensory work. Inside, users can enjoy exploring the interactive bubble screen, fibre optics and activity panel as detailed below:

Projector and UV Flood Light: The dark room has the option for colourful images to be projected onto the walls and ceiling and for the use of UV flood lighting. This light allows fluorescent items in the room to glow in the dark.

Bubble Screen: The 1.5m x 75cm wall mounted, interactive LED bubble screen provides calming, colour changing bubbles that run throughout the panel. The eight-way sausage switch allows users to have interactive control over the colour of the bubble screen.

UV Fibre Optic Corner: One corner of the room has a fibre optic curtain in a quarter circle shape that allows users to sit behind the fibres and enjoy the sensory effect. The fibres are safe to touch, there is no electricity present in the curtain strands. The curtain has a mirror canopy that supports the fibre optic effect. As users look up, they see the colourful fibres reflected, appearing twice as long as they actually are. As the fibres are UV reactive, they will glow brightly when the UV flood light is active.

UV Tactile Activity Panel: The interactive UV activity panel provides a selection of different textures, colours, shapes, switches and finger mazes to explore. When the UV light is on, each of the items on the board will glow in vivid, fluorescent colours.

Floor Padding and Seating: 75mm thick vinyl floor padding covers half the room to make a comfortable environment for users. Padding is held in place with velcro strips to make it easy to remove for those that wish to sit at the back of the room, under the fibre optic curtain in a wheelchair. A variety of beanbags and soft seating is also available for use within the room, should visitors prefer.

Dark Room

Fibre Optic Curtain

Tactile Panel

Opening Hours and Hire Charges

The facility is available for hire Monday to Friday 9am-9pm. Hire charges for private use of the facility (Monday to Friday): £10 for 30 minutes or £20 for an hour. We recommend no more than 6 users per session, each accompanied by a responsible adult or carer. Please seek advice if your group is larger than this.

Hire can also be arranged for Saturday mornings, £40 fee for a 2 hour minimum booking applies.

The facility is closed on bank holidays and two weeks at Christmas, plus additional dates throughout the year.

All areas must be vacated promptly at the end of your session, in order for the next user to start theirs on time. Please allow enough time for this and plan your session use accordingly.

Our Code of Conduct and Booking form can be dowloaded here